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Let´s Run Local Privacy Policy

Let’s Run Local respects the privacy of its users. We at times collect information during your visits to understand what makes you unique versus our millions of other users.

In order to demonstrate the value you represent our agency, we have prepared this statement disclosing the privacy practices for your entire service agreement. Additional terms and conditions can apply based on your feedback or needs in order to build a relationship with our service, these such agreements can be provided before you sign up.

Information Collected

Let’s Run Local focuses on personalizing your experience with our service and any information we collect is used solely for this purpose. Types of information we collect ranges from web server logs and directly from the users. Simple information such as name, email, phone number and other personal information would allow us to personalize your experience and provide a world-class service.

How Your Information Is Used

There are different ways of utilizing your information, depending on the type of information. This information is used for purposes such as personalization and verification. Information can be gathered from your unique and personalized strategy that you are looking to implement with our serivce. To the different types of payment options and plans available for your business needs and goals.

Hiring a Third Party Vendor

Let’s Run Local believes that hiring a third party vendor, should not be a painful or stressful process. We welcome every client with open arms as if you were our only customer. We do understand that there’s a huge need for your time to be properly invested with our service and therefore devote our resources to building and regularly maintaining your presence online.

How We Can Help

When selecting our customers, we need to ensure that we are not providing our service to your competitors already. Assign a team that will report to you and has availability to deliver upon request. Constant communication in order to educate you on strategy taking place. Earn your trust by delivering and not over promising by setting realistic expectations from the start.

How We Protect Your Information

The privacy and protection of your personal information is vitally important to us. Let’s Run Local does not make personal information available to any third parties without your permission. If we offer any related services to third party vendors, you will be notified before any action takes place to ensure that we have come to a mutual agreement and you allow permission. We do our best to ensure your security on our systems. In other words, you’re in good hands!

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